How to Apply

Application Process

To apply to Sewanee, complete the Common Application. It is free to apply.

Application Programs

Program Type Scholarship Consideration Deadline Decision Notification Letters Mailed
Early Decision I Binding Yes Nov. 15 Dec. 15
Spring Transfer Non-Binding No Nov. 15 Jan. 5
Early Action Non-Binding Yes Dec. 1 by mid-February (updated notification date)
Early Decision II Binding No Jan. 15 Feb. 15
Regular Decision Non-Binding No Feb. 1 by late March
Fall Transfer Non-Binding No April 1 by mid-May
Binding Admission 

Early Decision I, Nov. 15
Early Decision II, Jan. 15

Early Decision I and Early Decision II programs are binding admission plans. This means that an applicant who applies Early Decision and is admitted to Sewanee is obligated to submit an enrollment deposit shortly after receiving the offer of admission, and the admitted Early Decision applicant must withdraw all applications to any other colleges or universities. Additionally, an applicant must not apply Early Decision to more than one college or university. Students who apply early decision receive full consideration for need-based financial aid and scholarships; however, an admitted applicant must submit the enrollment deposit before the notification date for these awards. Accordingly, each Early Decision applicant must be committed to attending Sewanee regardless of the need-based financial aid package and/or scholarship for which each applicant may qualify.

Scholarship Consideration

Early Decision I, Nov. 15
Early Action, Dec. 1

Early Decision I and Early Action application programs are scholarship programs. This means that an applicant who applies Early Decision or Early Action will be considered for Sewanee's full range of scholarships. Therefore, there is neither a separate application nor a separate deadline to be considered for scholarships. Learn more about scholarships.

Need-based Financial Aid Consideration

Feb. 1

Need-based Financial Aid is the primary means by which Sewanee makes its education affordable. For information about Need-based Financial Aid, please click here.

Decision Deadline

May 1

An admitted student must notify Sewanee of the matriculation decision by the national deadline, May 1. An admitted student who wishes to matriculate to Sewanee must send in a deposit of $500 to secure a position in the entering class.   

Application Review Process

Sewanee uses a holistic application review process, admitting students who are prepared for its challenging academic environment as well as the engaging student experience. The following are strong recommendations for competitive applicants:

  • Four years of English
  • Two or more years of a foreign language
  • Three or more years of math, including Algebra I, Algebra II and geometry.
  • Two or more years of lab science
  • Two or more years of social science, including history
  • Strong high school performance demonstrating consistent or increasing strength in class work
  • Admission essay written clearly and passionately
  • Extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports, church groups, or work experience with demonstrated leadership
  • Two positive recommendations: one from a junior/senior core-curriculum teacher, one from a school counselor. Up to two optional recommendations from church leaders, work supervisors, or volunteer coordinators are allowed.
  • Competitive standardized test scores (ACT or SAT), for students who wish to submit them. Sewanee may request additional information from students who choose not to submit standardized test scores.
  • Demonstrated interest in Sewanee by engaging with Sewanee representatives on campus, at a college fair, at an off-campus appointment, at your high school, or by phone or by email.
Class of 2018
  • Mean high school GPA: 3.69/4.0
  • Middle 50% SAT (critical reading, math, writing): 1700–2030
  • Middle 50% ACT (composite): 27–30
  • Applications: 2,978
  • Students enrolled: 466