Tuition & Fees

2015-2016 Tuition and Fees for Incoming Students

Comprehensive Fees for the College of Arts and Sciences  

Sewanee is committed to providing qualified students the opportunity for an outstanding liberal arts education, and the University has taken bold steps to make a college education more affordable and accessible.

Tuition, room and board for the class of 2019 (entering in the Fall of 2015) will be frozen for four years. 

  Fall/Advent Spring/Easter Annual Cost
Direct/Billed Expenses
Tuition 19,214 19,214 38,428
Fees (only charged once per year) 272 0 272
Room and Board 5,525 5,525 11,050
Total Direct/Billed Expenses $25,011 $24,739 $49,750
Indirect expenses (estimates)
Books and personal expenses 900 900 1,800
Travel * 200 200 400
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance $26,111 $25,839 $51,950

* Travel reported here is based on a Tennessee resident. Travel estimates range from $400 to $1,200 depending on the student’s state of residence.

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